NEWS. IMPSA chooses the TAT for the ARAUCO Wind Power Farm - 01/04/2011
On April 1, 2011, Industrias Metalúrgicas Perscarmona SA (IMPSA), a global company operating in over 30 countries dedicated to producing integral solutions for the generation of electric power from renewable resources, has acquired eight (8) high-temperature transformers (TAT) with a power of 2300 kVA and a 0.79/33 kV ratio to be installed in the ARAUCO Wind Farm, in La Rioja. This farm is the largest in Latin America, estimating over 100 wind turbines that will be connected to the national power grid to provide clean energy, therefore contributing to the protection of the environment. Tubos Trans Electric (TTE) provides these transformers for the expansion stage of the farm, whose objective is to double the generation of this alternative energy by acquiring 12 pieces of equipment that will increase the installed power from 25 MW to 50 MW. It is expected that 30% of the energy demand of the province will be met with this expansion.

This acquisition by IMPSA evidences the quality and reliability of the high-temperature transformer (TAT), especially designed by TTE, which, due to its reduced size and high efficiency, is ideal to be installed in wind turbines.

Tubos Trans Electric is proud to be a part of this initiative that helps decrease the dependency on fossil fuels in the energy balance and, in socioeconomic terms, is considered of the greatest interest for the region.

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