NEWS. Assembly of the 220 kV, 150 MVA transformer. - 09/05/2011
On May 9, three technicians from Tubos Trans Electric began assembling the 150/150/55 MVA, 220/138/13.8 kV transformer manufactured for DISTROCUYO, the Argentine Company for Electric Power Transmission by Trunk Distribution of Cuyo. The transformer will be put into operation in the San Juan Transforming Station, located in the Rivadavia Department. For the assembly works, a 28,000-liter tank and an oil treatment machine with a capacity of 5,000 liters/hour were used. A total of 72,000 liters of YPF oil were treated, which were transported to the site in three tank trucks that arrived just in time for the procedure. The assembly was successfully completed on May 20, and the transformer is ready to be transported to its final base to be commissioned in September, as requested by the client. This way, TTE satisfactorily meets its commitment with the client and thanks DISTROCUYO, one of the most important power transmission companies in Argentina, for relying on us.

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