INFRASTRUCTURE. Villa Paez Facility
The facility is built in 11.170m2 and divided in seven manufacturing areas:

Core Assembly: TTE's standard core construction for power transformers is the "core form type" having a three leg core or a five leg core for three phase transformers, and a two leg core or a three leg core for single phase transformers. The step lap lamination technique is used to reduce exciting current, noise level and no load losses.

Winding Area: The manufacturing of the windings for power transformers takes place. For this end the company owns 12 winding machines.

Active Part Assembly: Area where the windings are assembled into the core legs and connected between them and to the tap changer. The upper yoke and its clamp device are also mounted, thus closing the magnetic circuit. The whole core-coil assembly is then submitted to a drying process in the autoclave oven (drying area). Finally the windings are pressed by means of pressing woods, using hydraulic jacks to achieve a tight assembly capable of withstanding short circuit efforts.

Drying Area: Aiming to eliminate any remaining moisture content, the active part is heated up to 110 ºC under high vacuum conditions by means of the autoclave system. The alternative to use the transformer's tank to perform the drying process is also available. The tank is used to generate a high vacuum condition and it is placed inside a Neocal oven which provides the required temperature being able to heat up to 200 ºC.

Final Assembly and Finishing Area: In the final assembly the in-tanking process takes place where the core and coil assembly are placed inside the tank; and the oil impregnation is carried out under vacuum conditions. Finally the bushings, radiators, measurement and control devices, and other accessories are installed.

Laboratory: All power transformers produced are tested in our own electrical laboratory, highly equipped to perform all routine and type tests as well as special tests requested by our clients.

Distribution Transformers Unit: Area where the core assembly, winding manufacture, and final assembly and testing of all distribution transformers takes place. For the winding manufacture the company owns five low voltage and five high voltage winding machines
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