TTE highlighted as a 2024 Transmission and Distribution industry leader in the next edition of Utilities Business Review magazine.

Powering the World with Best-in-Class Transformers

TTE has been at the forefront of the transmission and distribution industry for over six decades, distinguishing itself through unparalleled design capability and reliability. It manufactures power and distribution transformers of up to 250 MVA and 500 kV and primarily serves the oil, mining, railway and steel industries worldwide.

“Our transformers are the industry benchmark for their exceptional efficiency, and we take immense pride in that,” says Trinidad Tizado, president. “The unparalleled quality and reliability of our products have established us as a reference brand in Argentina’s domestic transmission and distribution market.”
Its commitment to achieving perfection in transformer manufacturing is complemented by a mission to guide clients in their search for a reliable product that fits their needs. TTE proactively educates them on optimal product specifications, anticipating potential servicing
needs that may arise throughout the equipment’s operational lifecycle and designs transformers to meet their exact requirements.

Efficiency is integral to its design philosophy. TTE initially designed its products under the license of Siemens (Germany) and gradually evolved its design capabilities while retaining the essence of Siemens’ principles.
TTE extends professional on-site services and takes complete responsibility for equipment maintenance and repairs. Its reliable services reassure customers that everything they need for seamless product operation will be taken care of.
While product quality and services are crucial for client satisfaction, the overall success of projects is determined by the timely delivery of transformers. TTE understands this and values the trust customers place in it to meet the agreed deadline. It also advocates for transparency and promptly informs clients of any setbacks to facilitate effective problem-solving. When it comes to purchasing transformers, rushing can cause misunderstandings and lead to back-and-forth discussions during project engineering, which impedes progress. TTE stresses the importance of thorough engineering from the outset to seamlessly transition into the manufacturing phase.

Its diverse clientele ranges from small-scale utilities to larger investor-owned utilities (IOU), particularly in the U.S. The company differentiates itself by engaging in discussions with smaller utilities regarding specifications, often proposing alternative solutions or newer, more efficient equipment. This approach helps mitigate lead times and offers quicker solutions. Large IOUs often make high-volume purchases. TTE anticipates their demand through meticulous planning and proactive preparation to have the necessary equipment ready, avoiding any probable delays.

Its manufacturing and design capabilities are powered by an in-house engineering department comprising over 25 dedicated engineers focused on designing top-quality transformers. Its R&D
department continuously explores innovative design enhancement approaches and extends different training courses on equipment maintenance and operation.
TTE’s workforce consists of over 300 individuals, the majority of whom have been with the company for a long time. Their deep understanding of the work culture enables them to mentor new hires and ensure the continuity of in-house processes and values. This seasoned core team embodies its expansive product knowledge and commitment to the brand legacy. Their expertise enabled TTE to seamlessly double up the power transformer production capacity in 2020 in anticipation of a renewable energy boom in Latin America and the U.S. It set up a stable export base in the U.S. after identifying the market's vast potential and prioritized trustworthiness and quality to earn contracts with major IOUs and renewable project developers.

TTE’s meticulous approach to supplier vetting and transparent communication has fostered solid and enduring partnerships with them over the years. Its practices are aligned with global standards and incorporate the latest technological advancements through rigorous auditing and collaboration with industry leaders like SGB-SMIT.
The commitment to long-term partnerships adds a distinct value and enables the company to stay at the forefront of innovation and deliver top-quality products, making it the go-to manufacturing partner for power and distribution transformers.

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