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The new 33kV/13.2 kV, 20 MVA transformer, successfully delivered to Bariloche's Electric Distribution Utility (CEB - for its Spanish acronym) in November 2010, will come into service in May 2011 and will allow the expansion of the distribution system to 70 MVA.[+]
On November 25, Pampa Energía inaugurated the expansion of its thermoelectric power plant in Loma de La Lata, Neuquén, which required an investment of one billion pesos, and consists in closing the combined cycle by installing a new turbine, which will add 178 megawatts to the electric power system. The project will increase the capacity of Loma de La Lata by approximately 50%, without the need of additional gas consumption, resulting in greater efficiency for the plant as a whole.[+]
Last November 18, Tubos Trans Electric organized in conjunction with its major customers a seminar on Transformers' Useful Life Management, Failure Analysis, and Gas Chromatography interpretation criteria, among other topics.[+]
Tubos Trans Electric participated at the 14th edition of the "Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference" (ADIPEC).[+]
Tubos Trans Electric (TTE) was awarded through a public bid the supply of two 161 kV power autotransformers by an agency of the U.S. Department of Energy.[+]
On October 18, 2010, Tubos Trans Electric (TTE) dispatched the remaining four 20 MVA / 220 kV single phase transformers that, together with the 41.66 MVA / 220 kV.[+]
On October 12 and 13, 2010 technical training sessions were held at the facilities of Empresa Jujeña de Energía (EJESA) and Empresa de Energía de Tucumán (EDET). [+]
With an investment of USD 500,000, Tubos Trans Electric completed the development of a new high-temperature transformer (TAT). Its launch into the market has had widespread repercussions in the media.[+]
Tubos Trans Electric (TTE) has sent 6 out of 11 transformers, awarded by the National Administration of Electricity (ANDE) of the Republic of Paraguay during 2009.[+]
Cooperativa Eléctrica de Bariloche (CEB) has installed an ecological vegetable oil transformer (FDRBio®) at SETA CATEDRAL 2 substation. [+]
Tubos Trans Electric launches the High Temperature Transformer (TAT, for its Spanish acronym), thus becoming the first regional manufacturer of this type of transformers. [+]
The 215 MVA transformer at 15.75/135 kV to be installed at the New Pilar Thermal Power Station was successfully dispatched. [+]
Professionals of the TTE Engineering and R+D Management Departments have attended the "Computer simulation of structures and solids in industrial practices - Nonlinearities" seminar conducted by SIM&TEC S.A. from June 28 to July 1, and taught by Ph.D. Eduardo N. Dvorkin, Ph.D. Eng. Rita G. Toscano and Ph.D. Eng. Marcela B. Goldschmit. [+]
Personnel of HAEFELY (Switzerland) and the University of Tucumán started up a HAEFELY Impulse Analyzing System. [+]
Tubos Trans Electric participated with NEXAR in the III International Exhibition - San Juan Key Factor for Argentine Mining Development organized by Panorama Minero, which was held from June 2 through 4, 2010 in San Juan and was sponsored by the Embassies of Canada, Chile, Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Sweden. [+]
The "Nueva Pilar" Thermal Power Plant, which EPEC had started building in May 2008, was recently launched in Córdoba. TTE participated in the project by supplying the transformers. [+]
Tubos Trans Electric participated in the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), which was held from May 3 to May 6 at Reliant Park, Houston, Texas, U.S.A. The OTC is the world’s foremost event for the development of the oil industry. Each year, it attracts more than 60,000 attendees and 2,000 exhibiting companies representing more than 110 countries; in fact this year attendance at the OTC reached 72,900 and the sold-out exhibition was the largest in 28 years. [+]
From March 7 through March 11, Tubos Trans Electric, represented by its Engineering Manager, participated in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' (IEEE) Transformer Committee for the second time, in Houston, Texas, United States. The IEEE is the world's largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity, serving the interests of over 382,000 members in the electro-technology and information communities in close to 150 countries. [+]
Tubos Trans Electric has dispatched the third of the four 132/13.8 kV, 40 MVA transformers sold to "Empresa Distribuidora y Comercializadora Norte Sociedad Anónima" (EDENOR) for power supply to the Nordelta neighborhood in the province of Buenos Aires. [+]
TTE has completed the third stage in the implementation of the Scheduler software, the new management tool for production planning and control. [+]
Tubos Trans Electric (TTE) has shipped two 30 MVA power transformers rated 31.5/6.3 kV, which will be installed at ANCAP (Refinería de la Administración Nacional de Combustibles, Alcohol y Portland), a refinery located in La Teja, Department of Montevideo, Uruguay.[+]
Tubos Trans Electric participated in the International Seminar "Life of a Transformer" organized by Doble Engineering Company during February 7- 12 in Florida, United States. Doble Engineering is a leading provider of test equipment and service solutions for high voltage diagnostics & monitoring and EMC applications, and is also at the forefront of organizing professional training events with information exchanges among professionals all around the world.[+]
EDENOR acquired its first 250 kVA transformer filled with TTE's proprietary Vegetable Oil-based Dielectric Coolant (FDRBio®).[+]
Tubos Trans Electric (TTE) has been selected by the Administración Nacional de Energía (ANDE), Paraguay's state owned power company, as the successful bidder, after two separate international public biddings, to supply 9 power transformers, rated 220 kV, and 2 reactors. [+]
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