THE COMPANY. News 2011
On the past 31st of August of 2011, the Independencia Thermal Power Station was reopened in Tucumán. Governor José Alperovich and Mayor Domingo Amaya were present during the re-inauguration by President Cristina Fernández via teleconference. During the first stage, the station will generate 120 MW.[+]
Once more, Tubos Trans Electric will participate in the Biennial International Exhibition of the Electric, Electronic and Lighting Industries (BIEL) jointly organized by the Argentine Chamber of Electro mechanics, Lighting, Telecommunications, Information Technology and Automatic Control Industries (CADIEEL) and Indexport Messe Frankfurt, from November 8 through November 12, 2011, in Buenos Aires.[+]
Tubos Trans Electric (TTE) has acquired a commercial license for the multi-physics simulation by finite elements software COMSOL, which includes calculation modules for electromagnetic phenomena, fluid flows, heat transfer, and structural mechanics.[+]
In June 2011, Tubos Trans Electric (TTE) successfully dispatched 5 transformers to Paraguay. The delivery consisted of one (1) Three-phase 41.67 MVA/220 kV Transformer and four (4) Single-phase 20 MVA/220 kV Transformers. The final destination of these transformers is the Villarrica Thermal Power Station which comes under the National Electricity Administration (ANDE).[+]
Tubos Trans Electric has agreed with UK-based Transec Ltd. to become its exclusive representative for its devices in South America. Both companies intend to bring this new product, which is currently being used in several parts of Europe, to the local market. In Argentina, the product is used by the Salto Grande Mixed Technical Committee.[+]
On May 9, three technicians from Tubos Trans Electric began assembling the 150/150/55 MVA, 220/138/13.8 kV transformer manufactured for DISTROCUYO, the Argentine Company for Electric Power Transmission by Trunk Distribution of Cuyo.[+]
Tubos Trans Electric participated once again in the "Offshore Technology Conference" (OTC), held between May 2 and 5 at Reliant Park in Houston, Texas, United Stated.[+]
On April 1, 2011, Industrias Metalúrgicas Perscarmona SA (IMPSA), a global company operating in over 30 countries dedicated to producing integral solutions for the generation of electric power from renewable resources, has acquired eight (8) high-temperature transformers (TAT) with a power of 2300 kVA and a 0.79/33 kV ratio to be installed in the ARAUCO Wind Farm, in La Rioja.[+]
On March 31, the technical crew of Tubos Trans Electric (TTE) completed the installation and start-up works of the two autotransformers sold to an agency under the charge of the U.S. Department of Energy, which manages 24 hydroelectric plants built and operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.[+]
Last December 2010, the National Bureau of Electricity (ANDE) contracted the supply of several power transformers to respond to a national energy crisis.. [+]
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