THE COMPANY. News 2014
The project is part of a Consolidation and Expansion of Power Distribution Work Plan being conducted by the National Ministry of Planning. (Buenos Aires, December 2014).- Recently TTE and the 2 local energy distribution companies signed purchasing orders corresponding to 11 transformers. [+]
Due to the implementation of the C57.116-2014 Standard, Eng. Tolcachir was recognized for his "distinguished contributions" in the standardization of this guide. (Villa Paez, Cordoba, September 2014).- The Executive Committee of the IEEE Standards Association, in occasion of the enactment of a new version of the C57.116-2014 Standard, presented a certificate of recognition for his contributions to TTE's Engineering & Technology Manager, Eng. Eduardo Tolcachir. [+]
(Villa Paez, Cordoba, September 2014)- Last september the 2nd, Mr. Javier Tizado, General Manager at TTE, Mr. Alexander Kruszewki, Director at IMSA, and staff members of both companies met at TTE's manufacturing facilities in Cordoba. It is a common practice for TTE to meet in a regular basis with strategic suppliers as to exchange experiences, establish new criteria for developing products, and evaluate potential synergies between the companies. [+]
The test took place last June 24th at Centro Elettrotecnico Sperimentale Italiano "Giacinto Motta" (CESI), in Milan, Italy. TTE joins the limited group of worldwide manufacturers who have passed this test...[+]
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