THE COMPANY. Milestones
Tubos Trans Electric (TTE) was founded as a company aimed to the manufacture of tubes for electrical applications and distribution and pole mounted transformers.

Manufacture of larger power transformers begins.

Manufacture of the first power transformer in 145 kV with in-house technology.

International licensed technologies are incorporated. Manufacture of instrument transformers in 66kV and 132 kV begins under BALTEAU license.

Manufacture of the first instrument transformer in 220kV under the same license.

SIEMENS (Germany) license is achieved for the manufacture of power transformers up to 220 kV and 300 MVA.

Manufacture of distribution and pole mounted transformers under SIEMENS license.
Manufacture of the first 220 kV power transformer under SIEMENS license.

Product line expansion for the manufacture of instrument transformers up to 500 kV under ASEA BROWN BOVERI (Switzerland) license.

Perez Companc Group designates TTE for the industrial and administrative management of San Justo's facilities for power transformers up to 300 MVA and 500 kV.

Implementation of ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System, certified by DET NORSKE VERITAS (D.N.V.).

Instrument transformers business unit is sold to ARTECHE SA.

TTE's stock package is entirely sold to a new investor's group headed by Javier O. Tizado and Jorge Francisco Tizado.

TTE begins the application process for the acquisition of the patent for Biodegradable Dielectric Fluid to be used in transformers. A specially designed trial plant is installed for its development

Implementation of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System; certified by D.N.V. ISO 14001.
Acquisition of new equipment for the Physical Chemical Laboratory: Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) and Particle Counter (PODS); enabling in-house performance of all physical chemical routine tests.

1st export to the USA. Through a public tender TTE wins the construction of a 200 MVA - 161/138 / 13,8 kV autotransformer in the Eufaula Dam Substation in Oklahoma, and of a 70 MVA -161 / 69 / 13.8 kV autotransformer in the Paragould Substation in Arkansas, both dependent of the Department of Energy of the United States. The amount of the operation was US $ 2 million. They were delivered in March 2011.

TTE signs an agreement with Transec to become its exclusive representative in Argentina. Transec is an online molecular sieve developed and manufactured in the United Kingdom that is designed to remove water from the insulating oil of a power transformer. This process does not only reduce aging but also improves the dielectric strength of the insulation and increases the reliability of the transformer.

Granting of the Patent of Invention ARO59466B1 by the Biodegradable Dielectric Fluid based on vegetable oil which has the electrical and lubrication characteristics needed to operate and properly maintain transformers and other electrical equipment.

Tubos Trans Electric signs a license agreement with SGB Smit of Germany for the manufacture of dry transformers in the country.

TTE approves the Short Circuit Test - Verification of the dynamic ability to withstand short-circuit ( according to the International Standard IEC 60076-5. It was carried out in the Centro Sperimentale Italiano Giacinto Motta (CESI), Milan, Italy.
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