THE COMPANY. Culture and Corporate Strategy

Optimize earnings as a mean to withstand a sustained growing process that assures the leadership of TTE in the market in the long term.


"To develop a high quality internationally competitive company, technologically up-to-date and in permanent growth. A company whose staff can identify with and be proud of. A company aligned with the needs of its customers and suppliers and bounded to the social and institutional environment where its activities are developed, complying with the rules in force and preserving the environment".


"To supply world class power and distribution transformers. To be a market leader in both segments of the domestic market, achieving profitability to assure a sustained growth and a lasting presence in the market. To achieve a sustained involvement in the regional and international market in order to keep a balance in business management by compensating the effects of the domestic market business cycles".

  • Human Resources Appreciation
  • Safety and Environmental Protection
  • Operational Motivation
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Business Ethics
  • Professional Administration
  • Internal Communication
  • Investment
  • Leadership
  • Customer Orientation
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